Terms and Conditions

Production Times

At Eighty Five Supply, Inc., we strive to deliver high-quality screen-printed and decorated products within a standard turnaround time of 7-10 business days, excluding shipping transit time. For orders requiring specific in-hands dates or deadlines, we diligently work to meet these needs. If a deadline is missed due to our oversight, we will collaborate with our client to determine whether a refund or credit is appropriate.

Rush Orders

We offer rush order services, subject to availability and a rush fee. While we ensure that rush orders are dispatched on time, we are not responsible for delays caused by shipping carriers. Orders delayed due to the carrier&#39s fault are not eligible for refunds or credits.


A spoilage rate of up to 3% is considered standard in the screen printing process. If spoilage exceeds 3%, the order is eligible for a reprint. For spoilage of 3% or under, we offer the option of a refund or credit for the affected items.

Color Matching

We utilize the Pantone Solid Coated color book for color matching, with each print color specified in the sales order. While we strive for accuracy, slight variances may occur. If a color difference is significantly noticeable and agreed upon, the order is eligible for review and potentially a reprint or refund at no additional cost.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

The MOQ for screen-printed apparel is 36 pieces, and 24 pieces for embroidered apparel. For other products, MOQs vary depending on the item and the supplier. We work closely with our clients to meet their needs while adhering to supplier requirements.

Product Quality and Variance

Each order undergoes quality control checks before shipping. Should a product fall outside acceptable variance levels, we engage with our client to determine a suitable resolution. However, we are not responsible for manufacturer defects. In cases of manufacturer defects, we will issue a credit for the defective items.

Intellectual Property Rights

While we do not conduct formal intellectual property due diligence, our team is trained to recognize potential unauthorized use of logos. By working with us, clients affirm they have the legal right to use the provided designs.

Returns Policy for Non-Defective Goods

Completed orders that meet our quality and accuracy standards are not eligible for returns or exchanges. This policy ensures fairness and maintains the integrity of our custom products.

Handling Charges for Special Requests

Special handling or packaging requests, such as protective cartons for ceramic drinkware, may incur additional charges, which will be clearly stated in the sales order.

Privacy Policy

Client data is managed through Commonsku, adhering to their privacy policy available at https://www.commonsku.com/privacy. We may request written consent from clients to use images of manufactured products for media purposes.

Cancellation Policy for Work-in-Progress

Cancellations mid-production incur a restocking fee if products have not been decorated. Once decoration has begun, orders cannot be cancelled and full payment is required.

Shipping and Handling

Orders are shipped via UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, or through 3rd-party LTL providers, with fees calculated at checkout. We are not liable for delays or damage in transit. Shipping insurance is available upon request.

Legal Rights and Responsibilities

We reserve the right to refuse printing of content that may infringe on intellectual property rights or is potentially illegal. Clients ensure they have all legal rights to the logos and designs provided.